STUDENT SURVEY has two parts. The first is the hand-written portion [ get a copy here if you need it ].  The second part is done right here by filling out the web form below.  
Finish the survey by completing the following three items (numbers 28 - 30).  It will take you about an additional 15 minutes to complete this on-line portionHit the Submit now! button when finished, but also be sure to submit your hand-written portion to Mr. Bessett in class.

28.  Conduct a VARK analysis.  Go here to learn about what this is and how to complete it; it is easy . . . no fears.  Record what type of learner you are!

29.  Register at  (Not required for Pre-IB Gov./Geog.)

30. Just a few more questions that relate to your ability to access computer related materials and the internet . . . simply complete the information below and hit the Submit now! button.

Your name
E-mail address

Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin
Many of the links on this site and others we will be visting on the web require video and audio software.  Some of these tools are "old school;" it will be interesting to learn if you recognize some of them.
Video / audio software
Which player will you most likely use?
Chat/Text program
Which chat program do you regularly use?
Connection speed
What speed is your internet connection at home?
Acrobat Reader Do you have Acrobat Reader installed?
VARK After completing the VARK survey (click on the link if you have not done it yet), what type of learner are you?   Did you get registered and submit the "test" assignment?
 Course Syllabus
Do you have a copy of the course syllabus?
Notebook   Many students maintain a class notebook; do you plan to do so?
Final thoughts Last chance for any final thoughts . . . write them here.
Congratulations!  You have completed number 30 AND the Student Survey.  Be sure to hit the Submit now! button before you leave . . . and submit your hand-written portion of the survey to Mr. Bessett.

Bessett - Fairview High School